About The Social London
This website is a free open network for LONDON residents ( UK ). Connect with friends and other users, invite others, advertise business for free, post classified ads, articles, share thoughts, videos, images, connect with, make groups or pages. Better than Facebook or other social media!

Why, what and who ?!

The Social UK is a web based CMS platform, created from a group of freelancers dedicated to Web and mostly SEO Services ( https://googlle.eu ). This website is a free open network for UK residents ( Great Britain - England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland ). We created it to make it easier to connect with your friends without having to share your personal information, easy to use, easy to download from browsers. It's not as heavy as the huge Facebook with tons of tracking tools that are there to track everything you do... everything. We will not sell your data, you will decide for yourself what is publicly visible, what and how much others will know about you. The platform is also designed to be a great support and to help SEO professionals and business owners. There are not many UK websites that offer the opportunities we have. Usually, most of the existing ones with similar business support options do not do it for free, but at fairly high prices, and among other things are useless sites. Here, you can invite your friends, associates, workers, colleagues, friends of friends, customers, who will also invite, etc. Let's create a free network that is useful to everyone in the UK.